A GoPro View of the TEIN Japan Factory!

We’re obviously a very proud group of employees. Some of us have had the privilege of being able to see TEIN Japan’s manufacturing processes first-hand. In fact, a couple of our employees were part of TEIN Japan’s staff prior to them coming to the U.S. to work at TEIN USA, Inc.’s Operations.

We’ve never claimed to invent the shock absorber (which is not aptly named, mind you; “damper” is more appropriate). Instead, we’re proud to say that we’ve manufactured high performance suspensions using our own engineering, using some of the best manufacturing equipment and materials, and even pioneering our own manufacturing techniques and features unique to TEIN products. We’ve come from very humble beginnings since 1985. Now, 30 years later, we’re looking to make our presence known!

In the beginning of 2014, our factory in Yokohama moved to a new facility, still within Yokohama. This newly built and very advanced facility was an undertaking made specifically to meet the production demands our products have gained over the years.

But, it goes beyond just having a new facility that allows us to ramp up production. We’re a green company! That’s obvious by color, but we’re referring to our operational procedures. Like many manufacturers, we’re faced with certain dilemmas that affect our environment. So, we addressed this matter when the new Yokohama factory was being built. We now utilize solar energy to help power our equipment, we use special paint/coating procedures (even developing our own equipment) to reduce air pollution, and we also recycle our scrap steel and aluminum post manufacturing. We feel these are only a small steps, but  steps in the right direction into maintaining and protecting the world we so love to drive on.

Check out the video!

Now, for 2015, we’ve got another new manufacturing facility already set up in China! TEIN IS GROWING, and it is all thanks to you, our customers, our friends, who demand the best products their money can buy!

Look forward for more updates from us! 2015 will be a great year with so many new products!

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