TEIN USA Opened after Christmas and New Years

As we approach the final few days of 2016, we know that a lot of your, our customers, will be on vacation for Christmas and New Years. And it’s probably more of a convenience for you to finally get a chance to give us a call with any questions you have, whether it’s about new products or technical support.

So, with that said, TEIN USA will be opened the week following Christmas- December 27-30, and after New Years- January 3-6 (since Christmas and New Years lands on a Sunday, we technically take Monday off as a bank holiday).

Feel free to reach out to us during those days. Questions about new products you’re thinking of purchasing for your car, how-to troubleshooting… Who knows, it might be really lonely for us in the office those weeks (who the hell works during back-to-back holidays?!?!). We’ll probably start feeling like the Maytag repair man……




Keep us some company!!!!

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