Defi Advance A1 Gauges

Defi Advance A1 Gauges

In an era of LCD and heads-up type displays that are now included in so many high-end cars, there’s still something about having a dial type gauge to get readings. Whatever it is, we just find it more attractive. Maybe it’s because it is just familiar. Defi has always been at the forefront when it comes to engine metering. Defi’s parent company, Nippon Seiki, is responsible for manufacturing many of the factory car gauge clusters. From simple analog gauges, which most cars still use, or LCD type readouts, or even the aforementioned heads-up displays (which Defi also makes), Defi/Nippon Seiki has been leading the way.

One issue is, as many of you in the performance world already know, factory gauge clusters tend to have quite a bit of lag, and many are not even calibrated properly (false readings). That’s mainly due to the budget constraints that car manufacturers give Nippon Seiki. A simple “good enough” gauge is what gets approved and is what ends up in our cars.

Defi, on the other hand, prides themselves in making highly responsive and accurate metering devices. The Defi marque is aimed towards high performance.  And, to the performance world, an accurately reading gauge an absolute necessity. Building your engine to produce more power can potentially produce more problems. You have to keep a much closer eye on your engine’s vitals to make sure everything is running correctly. Precise readings also aids in tuning your car properly. Precision is Defi’s aim, and they’ve consistently made that with every product since their inception.

New from Defi for 2016 is the Advance A1 line of gauges. Taking all the experience that Defi has to make a accurately reading gauge using their stepping motor technology and high quality sensors, the only thing left for Defi to do is make a highly attractive gauge.


Using Defi’s Advance Control Unit, all gauges (up to 7 gauges) are linked using a daisy chain method which has a single meter cable from the control unit, then from one gauge to the next, and so on. This simplifies installation and also reduces the clutter typically associated with aftermarket gauges. All sensors (temperature, pressure, etc.) hook up to Advance Control Unit, which can be mounted anywhere within the car’s dash, further eliminating a clutter of wiring in your car’s interior. The Advance Control Unit is where end users can set all peaks and warnings, as well as illumination and sound settings.

daisy_chain_bfdaisy chain setup


The new Advance A1 line offers an ultra clean and modern look that will complement many late-model vehicles.


Even the glass used to protect the gauge is something not seen before. It has very low reflective and glare properties, making it easy to read the gauge at multiple angles and even in direct sunlight.

Gauge illumination is in white, and even the needle is fully illuminated to provide clear view of engine vitals.


Gauge facing has a machined look with gray outer portion and black center. As with all gauges in the Advance series, peak/warning lights are fitted within the bezel and only visible when programmed peaks and warnings are reached.

Audible warning can also be set for each gauge. For example, if water temp reaches past your programmed peak, the Water Temperature gauge will emit an audible buzz to inform you.

Available in Boost (Bar), Water & Oil Temperature (Celsius), Fuel & Oil Pressure (Bar), Exhaust Gas Temperature (Celsius), and also in a Tachometer.

Part numbers and MSRP as follows:

DF14801- Boost 2 Bar ($304)

DF14901- Boost 3 Bar ($338)

DF15001- Oil Pressure ($349)

DF15101- Fuel Pressure ($349)

DF15201- Oil Temperature ($271)

DF15301- Water Temperature ($271)

DF15401- Exhaust Gas Temperature ($349)

DF15501- Tachometer 11,000 RPM ($282)

The new Advance A1 line will be available in limited quantities by late May/early April!


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