Tech: EDFC Active Guide Part 1


New to 2013, our EDFC Active system brings forth a higher and more enjoyable experience we expect on all of our products.  Not only can users adjust dampening levels instantly while sitting in the driver seat, the EDFC Active is also capable of automatic damper adjustments based on speed and G-forces making it truly one of a kind.  However, in order to properly utilize the maximum capabilities of this system, parameters must be set so the computer will know what to do at any given times.


Out of the box the EDFC Active system has built-in presets for both g-force and speed adjustments which may be set by pressing the MODE button and the DIAL button to select intensity levels with 1:NORMAL and 2:DYNAMIC.  It is very important to grasp how each feature controls the behavior of the vehicle and understanding how to adjust the system to allow complete utilization.


The SPEED adjustments control the vehicle’s overall behavior at a given speed.   On the street or in the track, there are huge benefits when it comes down to slow speed and high speed damper settings.  At slow speeds on the street, the softer settings can allow for comfort while stiffer dampers at high speed can help prevent bottoming out on larger bumps.


From a performance standpoint.  Not only can adjustments be made to help soak up bumps at high speed, but the feel of the vehicle.  For example: a quick and nimble setup for slow speed corners is not entirely ideal for high speed sweepers and kinks.

speed chart

By selecting the desired damper settings at the given speed, the users can now tune the vehicle for perform at its highest level on both slow and high speed sections of the track.


The G-FORCE feature is like the icing on top of the cake.  While the EDFC’s ‘SPEED’ feature is controlling the car’s overall behavior, the G-Force adjustments will tune out the bad habits of the vehicle at corner entrances and exits.


By g-force parameters of the EDFC Active, users may now control the amount of weight shift through braking and acceleration to help reduce either understeer and/or oversteer of the vehicle.


With the EDFC Active setup to accommodate both car and driver, it is truly possible to achieve a higher level of performance and driving enjoyment.  But there is no ‘ONE’ setting.  The system’s preset values provide a mere example of what it can do but will not work with everyone’s driving habits and cars.  Like several aspects of performance motoring, it takes time and testing to get it right. But trust us, the benefits are boundless.


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