TEIN Line Mascot Stickers

TEIN Line Mascot Stickers

Without a doubt, one of the most recognizable features of TEIN as a brand is our mascot, Dampachi. Also, as a new addition to the mascot, we’ve included his female counterpart, Dampatty. For many, we can forgo any “TEIN” text and know the branding simply based on these two characters.

However, for many years, we’ve been limited to decals solely of Dampachi. And, these decals were really only limited to two different types (and of different sizes). Lately, though, some TEIN staff have been working on some new images on our two mascots for use in the smartphone app LINE. While not popular here, it seems to be very well used overseas. This social app allows people to post what are essentially emoji’s to their posts. So, TEIN staff created a bunch of different LINE drawings with our mascots that customers can download and use in their LINE posts.

It was only a matter of time until we came up with the idea of making some decals out of these drawings, something to freshen up our available decals. So now we have 12 new decals readily available (part numbers listed below each image)!!!

TN001-020-0 1





























These are for sale for $5 each and will be on our Online Shop, or available for order through any of our authorized dealers!!!

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