Front Street Media’s Article on Suspension

Front Street Media’s Article on Suspension

Although we’re glad to have our own audience reading our blogs and following us on Facebook and Instagram, we know we have a very niche customer base. Whenever we have a chance to reach different consumers through other forms of media, we find it to be a great opportunity to get the word out on TEIN and what separates us from other suspension manufacturers.

Front Street Media is a relatively new outlet in the eastcoast that is doing their part in reaching their readers and informing them on all things related to automotive performance. Working closely with their parent company, Turn 14 Distribution, they’re able to have hands-on experience with performance products.

However, they also have access to manufacturers and can get an inside view into how each company runs and develops their products.

They recently reached out to us and Bilstein for information on suspension and what a damper does, as well as what separates us from other companies (in terms of what goes into building a quality suspension).

Read their article here.


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