Test Cars Needed at TEIN USA!

Test Cars Needed at TEIN USA!

Since we’ve been working hard to release the latest suspension kits for 2016, we’ll always run into one hurdle in trying to get the newest products out to the consumer. Finding the correct vehicle for testing is one of those hurdles.

We (TEIN USA) have always done our product development in our Downey, CA. facility for products destined for the U.S. market. The fact that all of our tools and testing equipment are in this facility, and also because our relative distance from TEIN Japan, makes it easier to communicate with our engineers overseas on a daily basis.

However, this type of convenience makes it difficult to locate local vehicles since we’re working in a relatively isolated area. Some times the vehicle we need is more popular in the Northwest region, or even the East coast region. Some times the vehicle we need has been out of production for a number of years already, so finding one type of vehicle can have its challenges.

So this is where we turn to our customers for help!

If you are in or near the L.A. county, and can leave your car with us for a few days of product testing/developing, it would be greatly appreciated! This type of assistance from you doesn’t go without some type of reimbursement. Of course, we want your car to look and handle great, which is probably why you’re reading our blog right now. So, we typically give our customers free product for the inconvenience of leaving them without a car (assuming you only have the one car) for our testing purposes.

If you have any of the vehicles listed below, and want to work with TEIN in developing suspension, please give us a call! We’d love to work with you!



Vehicle requirements:

-Must retain OEM body (no widebody kits, aftermarket fenders, bumpers, side skirts, extended bumper lips).

-Must retain factory interior. There may be exceptions for some aftermarket interior parts.

-OEM wheels (and tire size) preferred. Plus sized wheel and tires may be fine, depending on size. No aggressive widths and offsets. Contact us if you have aftermarket plus sized wheels.

-Must retain OEM suspension (stock springs, shocks, upper mount assemblies, bushings, swaybars, endlinks, etc.). There may be exceptions for some aftermarket suspension components.

-Must have valid registration and tags, and proof of insurance.

*consult with TEIN staff if your vehicle may have questionable modifications/parts.


Loan requirements:

-Vehicle testing schedule may be from 3-5 business days. In other words, the car will need to be left with us during the scheduled/agreed time frame.

– Vehicle must be dropped off with a full tank of gas. We will be return vehicle with a full tank of gas.


Give us a call at 562-861-9161!
Or, if email is more convenient, send your inquiry to tus_sales@tein.com


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