A Cleverly Mounted Defi Advance ZD!!

A Cleverly Mounted Defi Advance ZD!!

Not too long ago, we were contacted by Mike Bratcher of Riseful. He was really interested in Defi’s Advance ZD unit as a solution for metering his engine without the clutter of gauge dials mounted on and around his dash.

He later followed up with us, wanting to order more Advance ZD units, and it seemed that it was because of his unique mounting solution on his NSX that it generated some buzz.

As mentioned earlier, Mike wanted to eliminate a cluster of gauges on his dash, preferring to keep with his car’s subtle interior design cues. His solution? Mounting the Advance ZD where the stereo screen. This of course meant the removal of his stereo screen, but since his died out, it made a perfect location for his custom mounting idea.

Here are some pictures that Mr. Bratcher shared on NSXprime.com:







A very well excecuted job, Mr. Bratcher!!!

Interested in mouting your Advance ZD in similar fashion? Mr. Bratched seems to have documented this installation pretty well on NSXprime. Check out his post!





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